Hello and welcome to my online home – Thick Black Line Ltd.


Here, you’ll find a handful of projects to browse – you’ve probably already seen them because no one ever really goes to the ‘About Me’ section first, do they?


My name is Gaz Roberts, movie geek, nerd, husband, dad, and one lucky punk to have made a career from drawing pictures (which is brilliant because I’m rubbish at most other things).


Enough about me, let’s talk about me…


I’ve been an image maker since a very young age.  I was the kid at school who, during ‘rainy break’, opted not to read a book or play a board game, but to grab a pile of paper and a pencil.  I was usually the one jumping to the other kids’ challenges of “DRAW SUPERMAN”, “OPTIMUS PRIME!”, “I BET YOU CAN’T DRAW HE-MAN FIGHTING HORDAK!”… it was the 1980's afterall.


I’ve never really moved on from there - sure, it’s more structured, more formal in most cases but now it’s my job.


I’ve been a professional illustrator since 2000, and a Graphic Recorder or ‘Scribe’ since 2007.  Broad disciplines but both have given me a long and diverse client list, spanning pretty much any sector or industry you can think of… yes, even THAT one.


I love my job, I want to do more of it and I want to do it for you.


I want to make the characters of your future award-winning TV show real, I want to tell your story in pictures, I want to capture your vital conversations and design your new line of toys.


Too much?  OK – but I do have a proven track record of all of the afore-mentioned things.


Now, let’s go define those big ideas of yours…




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